Group profile – Brief portrait

Our mission

Carlo Gavazzi is an international group active in designing, manufacturing and marketing state-ofthe-art components for the building and industrial automation sectors.

Our structure

Under the umbrella of a publicly quoted holding company, headquartered in Steinhausen, Switzerland, Carlo Gavazzi operates its core business, Automation Components. It is the function of the holding company to ensure planning and development of the Group’s business portfolio, choose a coherent set of strategies and objectives, monitor their implementation and the efficiency of the corresponding management tools and processes, select the upper-level management, manage corporate finance, tax planning, management information systems, communication and investor relations. Automation Components operates within the framework of defined strategies and objectives; it is responsible for research and development, manufacturing, quality, marketing and sales, human resources, logistics, finance and control. The Group CEO leads the Company in line with Carlo Gavazzi Holding’s objectives.

Our objectives

  • To provide our customers with technologically innovative, high quality and competitive solutions consistent with their requirements and expectations.
  • To create an environment conducive to our employees’ professional and personal development.
  • To obtain a fair and equitable return for our shareholders through sustained development of our core activities.

Our principles

  • To create added value for our customers with our products and services in order to strengthen their market positions and establish long-term partnerships.
  • To adapt structures and processes to market needs and delegate responsibility.
  • To promote an environment conducive to mutual respect and cooperation.
  • To mark clear leadership and integrity by doing what we say.